What We Do For You

Web Presence

A strong web presence is invaluable. We optimize yours, making it easy for people to find you.

Business-Marketing Reports

The more information and insight the merrier. We develop a reporting system that breaks down marketing and business efforts.

Digital Marketing Identity

Every business is unique; its digital marketing should be too. We customize your campaigns to best fit your goals and needs.

Operating Efficiencies

Maximizing business op saves time and money. We implement the tools and systems that best serve you.

Cost Effective Marketing

Companies often waste money with their marketing efforts. We set up marketing processes to eliminate wasted spending.

Client-to-Product Tracking

Understanding how customers interact with product provides critical insight. Our detailed reporting leads to better decisions.

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Why Us ?


We take the time to understand your business. This allows us to create customized and engaging marketing campaigns that attract quality customers to your doorstep. Effective messaging allows you to grow your customer base with precision.

Our customization does not end with a marketing plan. Learning your business operations and auditing your systems allows us to implement efficiencies by using the right software to reduce costs.

Understanding your business and business goals is crucial to our success.

In-Office Support


That’s correct, we provide in-office support. A staff member will be available at your discretion—in your office—once a week. This face-time is beneficial for any business pushing for a marketing edge, as well as allowing us to provide the highest quality service.

Our in-office staff allows us to work closely with your employees to strengthen your business. Everything we do is transparent; our goal is to transfer best-practices to your operation.

Knowledge transfer and building processes maximize your return.

Just You


At Peake Marketing we know that your business is unique, so our services embody that philosophy. To ensure a successful collaboration, we sign a non-compete clause with all of our clients.

As Peake Marketing’s only client in your industry, we will both pursue the same goal: broadening yourmarket share. Likewise, duplicating our efforts for a similar business poses a conflict of interest that we would rather avoid.

We work with the best businesses to generate the best clientele.

How It Works

First, we take a deep dive into your business. We understand your goals, visions, niche, pain points, areas of emphasis, current marketing efforts, and operational processes. With the information gathered we find areas of opportunity and do full audits. Once this is complete, we begin with setting up accounts, systems, and strategy.

Once we’ve set-up all your accounts, built custom campaigns and processes tailored to your business, we launch and execute all marketing campaigns and begin generating business reports. We rigorously A/B test through this process and optimize each campaign to make sure it is becoming increasingly successful and more efficient.

We compile a significant amount of data and reporting from your campaigns and review the results to refine and optimize. We continue to monitor and maintain all accounts, campaigns, systems, and processes to ensure your company is growing and making money; as well as running efficiently, saving you time and money.

Online Presence & Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Advertising

Mobile Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Content Management


Reputation Management

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Email Marketing


Here’s How:

  • Accounts audits and set-up
  • Marketing channel optimizations
  • Marketing strategies and calendars created
  • Content production
  • Marketing plans execution
  • Staff training


 Marketing Reports & Business Efficiencies

Lead and Call Tracking

Marketing Insights

Consumer-Product Tracking

ROI Reporting

Customer Relationship Management

Performance Management

Marketing Processes

Information Systems Management

Business Insights


Here’s How:

  • Marketing reports development
  • Systems set-up and implementation
  • Info systems audits and review
  • Software set-up and implementation
  • Generated business reports
  • Staff training

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