Our Mission

To provide qualified businesses with a smart digital footprint at an affordable rate, allowing consumers to better connect with their products and services. We do so by creating transparent marketing and business strategies, processes, and efficiencies to lower costs and enable internal marketing management.

The Vision

In today’s digital era, the Internet is a phenomenal tool for connecting businesses with consumers, making your business’s smart web presence a necessity. Peake Marketing provides a high quality, lower cost solution for local businesses. We provide these services at and affordable rate and make them accessible to all honest business owners.

We value the importance of ethical business practices and quality products within a community, which is why we vet any business we work with. It’s a priority for us that we drive consumers to the right doors, businesses that put their clients first. So we do our very best to ensure good, reputable companies are presented and marketed to consumers.

The Frustration

Given our dependency on the Internet, it makes sense for every business to have a strong web presence that generates new customers and keeps current customers engaged. The reality is, local business owners rarely have the time or resources to build and maintain this digital footprint; they’re too busy focused on their product or service and operating the business. For this reason, business owners are years behind in this ever-expanding world of tech, falling behind and being hurt in ways unknown to them.

What makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to address this is that many of the existing services providers and marketing solutions are too expensive and not tailored for local businesses. In addition to having to overpay, many of these service providers or solutions companies are not transparent. This forces business owners to become dependent on these high priced services and does not allow them to break free over time.

The Solution

At Peake Marketing we know digital and know what it takes to be successful. Our industry expertise allows us to create efficient products and come up with creative methods to execute campaigns. We also understand that this service can be made available to companies at a lower premium. Implementing these practices has vastly helped our clients and improved their business.

Running successful campaigns at an efficient rate isn’t enough, which is why we educate our clients on what we do and how we do it. Everything that we do is 100% transparent and transferrable to internal resources. We recognized the pain some of our clients were faced with when trying to pull away from some of the services providers they were using because knowledge was not transferred, often leaving clients at a standstill. Adversely, at PM, we encourage internal management and ultimate independence.

The History

Peake Marketing’s president and founder, Bardia Peake, started his tech career working with local business owners in a daily deal start-up. After a short time the start-up was acquired by Local Corp., a local business marketing company. Bardia accepted a position at Local, which allowed him to gain in-depth experience in the local Los Angeles business market. This spawned his passion to work with local businesses and their digital capabilities.

For the next eight years, Bardia went on to work at a variety of companies, from small to mid-sized, all in digital media, marketing, and advertising. This provided a world of knowledge and background into the creative ways of effectively managing a business’s campaigns and business strategies.

After working freelance for a few friends, Bardia gained greater familiarity with the struggles of local business owners, thus prompting Peake Marketing.

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