Peake Marketing Services

We at Peake pride ourselves in being one of the only marketing companies to approach your marketing tactics and strategies with a variety of services that look to not only drive revenue and customers to your door, but reduce costs as well.

Online Presence

An online presence is like the signage outside of our business, it is absolutely essential. Our team works diligently to make sure your online presence is as strong as possible, making you clearly visible to a huge audience in market for your product or service. Your online presence is your marquee, so it is a top priority for us to make sure it is the best representation of your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Hundreds of people are searching for your services on search engines daily. That is exactly why it is so important for your website to be optimized and appear on the first page of search engine search results. Our SEO team does an outstanding job getting your website placed on the first page of search engine results for relevant searches, giving your business some of the best exposure. People searching for your services are deep in the purchasing process and are of the highest quality you can draw to your website.

Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has become vastly crucial for small businesses. It allows customers to become interactive with your business on a more intimate level. Creating a social media presence is strategic, exhausting and time consuming. We put together a plan and strategy that best fits your business and audience. We execute that plan and strategy by developing the content and posting. This helps distinguish your business from your competitors and get customers most interested in you.

Reputation Management

Setting-up accounts, maintaining your reputation, and keeping all listing and review sites in order can be overwhelming and time consuming. We keep your online reputation as clean as can be; working with you and clients on quickly resolving issues, as well as keeping competitors from wrongfully tarnishing your name. Not only do we manage your reputation, we implement a simple system making it very easy for you or any of your employees to monitor any activity as well.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay in close contact and fresh in your clients’ minds. Email marketing allows for repeat visits and an increase in referrals to friends and family. We make sure to set up and manage all your email marketing campaigns and accounts. We create a long term strategy and help develop the email content or newsletter. Lastly, we automate these processes, so it becomes self-sufficient.

Content Development/Management

In the digital world, content is king. Great content for your site and business is necessary, giving people the chance to learn about your business and qualify you as an expert or the best option for what they are searching for. Knowing it’s importance, we pride ourselves in putting emphasis on great content development and management. Our excellent content writers will develop copy as well as properly place it on your site and blogs, giving you the best exposure.

Digital Marketing

Paid marketing and advertising is more accessible and available to small to medium sized businesses now more than ever. Digital marketing gives your business an opportunity to grow for a small cost. Here at Peake, we understand the risks associated with advertising, which is why we work closely with your business to customize campaigns tailored to your company and budgets. We manage and execute all campaigns in a highly analytical manner. Everything is tracked to closely monitor your return.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine traffic is some of the highest quality traffic you can find on the internet. Advertising on search engines allows you to highly target and market your business to people specifically looking for your product or service. We make sure we create the most effective ad copy that resonates with your audience drawing the most attention to your ads. Our team sets up all accounts and campaigns; and with rigorous reporting, we continuously optimize to ensure the most cost efficient ad performance.

Social Media Advertising

Staying in tune and engaged with current and prospective clients via social media is crucial. Taking it a step further and advertising is a great way to attract your target audience to your business. Our social media team does an excellent job of generating the best content ad strategy that’s most appealing on social media, giving perspective clients the opportunity to get acquainted with your business. Our reporting gives you great insight understanding of how to send the most effective ads to clients.

Content Marketing

Once content is developed, it doesn’t stop there. Strategically advertising and placing content all across the web can give your company a competitive advantage and generate a highly engaged customer base. Our content creators will develop the content that we us to advertise your business. Utilizing our relationships with content providers across the web, we will very effectively place your content on relevant sites across the web exposing you to the right audience at the right time.

Mobile Marketing

In the ever expanding world of mobile, mobile advertising can prove to be very valuable for your business. Targeting specific demographics on the go is a great way of getting people to your door quickly. Here at Peake we make sure to put together the very best campaigns that best fit your business needs and execute them via mobile strategy. All ad copy and graphics are developed and built for mobile devices as well.


Branding is one of the most effective forms of branding, supplementing other efforts in driving business to your door. The beauty of display advertising on the web versus a billboard on the street is trackability; whether or not the user took action on your website. Retargetting efforts are also an effective way of reengaging perspective clients that may have visited your site but are still un decided. Our team will not only create the best ad copy and graphic for you, we will set up and execute your campaigns.

Marketing Analytics

Peake Marketing is a data driven company, and we make sure to incorporate that methodology into all of our clients with the work we do. Data is crucial and opens your small business to the insights and information that will best equip you to make the most thoughtful decisions. We implement the appropriate systems ,reporting plans, and processes tailored to your business to help streamline this for your business, having you dig less for more information.

Lead and Call Tracking

Tracking is what makes digital marketing so unique and effective. Tracking allows you to see your client or customers’ activity from start to finish. This information helps you to optimize the performance of your campaigns to maximize performance. We set-up call and lead tracking for your business on all marketing outlets to have the clearest picture and understanding of who your customers are and where they are coming from.

ROI Reporting

The great thing about digital marketing it that everything’s easily tracked. You will know exactly what where each dollar you are spending goes, and what you are getting back from it. We will provide break down ROI reporting down to each tactic, week over week growth, and overall impact on the business. At the end of the day, there is no use for marketing if you’re not getting a return on it.

Marketing Processes

The set-up process of all marketing efforts is very important from the beginning. Automation and streamlining marketing processes to allow for simpler management gives your business the advantage of easily running your campaigns at any given point. Here at Peake, we carefully structure all campaigns and strategies to be as automated and easily managed as possible. This gives your business the power to comfortably take over at any given point. We also train your staff on everything that we do.

Marketing Insights

Reporting and data is one of the most important aspects of running successful marketing campaigns. Detailed reports allow for smarter, more calculated decision making. We provide you with exactly that, while keeping them easily digestible. We like to keep things simple so we don’t overwhelm you with an excessive amount of reporting. These reports will continuously give insight and information into your customer demographic, actions, preferences, etc. in relation to your marketing strategies.

Business Efficiencies

Running a small business can be extremely tough, especially when you are so focused on maintaining a high quality product or service. These difficulties are time consuming and can take away from analyzing the areas of opportunity within your business to improve efficiency, saving your business time, money, and resources. We at Peake feel that it’s absolutely necessary to supplement your marketing efforts with business efficiencies to sustain healthy growth.

Customer Relationship Management

In today’s customer era, it is absolutely essential to maintain the best relationship with your clients or customers. In order to put this in best practice it is important your business operate using a customer relationship management tool or software. We integrate the best CRM that best fits your business type and client. We train you and your staff on how to manage this easy to use system that will allow you to maintain that relationship with your clients and manage the data associated with them.

Information Systems Management

A business has certain overhead that can’t be overlooked, operating systems are a part of that. It’s very easy to set up operating systems when first opening up your business and continually allowing them to operate without having the time to audit and improve, ultimately wasting money. That’s where we come and audit all your systems from your internet to your telephones. We propose recommendations and alternative solutions that will help decrease your current spend.

Consumer-Product Tracking

Understanding your customers’ behavior from the moment they are interested in your product or service can be extremely useful in executing marketing strategies. We create reporting and tracking systems that provide both of those pieces of information as well the vital information of the relationship between your customers’ actions and specific products or services. This understanding will give you the best information to make the decisions that maximize returns on products and services.

Performance Management

Small businesses are all too often under-utilizing resources and in many areas, run inefficiently. Getting metrics on your company’s efficiency will allow you to make the necessary changes and adjustments to maximize time, energy, and resources spent. We construct processes and reporting structures that will give insight and view into the levels of efficiency in which your business is operating. We help identify the areas of opportunity and work with you to improve, saving your business time and money.

Business Insights

You have goals and aspirations on growing your business as a business owner. Setting up the right reporting system to give you insights on how different aspects of your business perform can be tricky. We set these up for you and continue to monitor the results of your growth and production on all areas of your business, not just marketing. Working closely with you allows us to organize and present reports specific to your needs seeing your overall growth and making informed business decisions.

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